Our Process

How it Works

1. Choose Your Style

The first step is to determine what style you need. For instance if your staircase is enclosed by two walls, a standard nosing or standard tread is the style you will select. If your staircase has spindles, you are looking for either of the following options; open right tread, open left tread, or double open tread. Now count how many you need and we're on to the next step!

2. Measurements

This will be the most difficult part of the process. Time to get your measuring tape out. Please look at our Nosing measuring template..click here...to aid in the process. We will require four measurements. The underneath portion of the nosing, thickness of the nosing, the outside depth of the stair and width of your stair.   

3. Shipping/Installation

Next we want to determine what your needs are.  Are we installing?  Do you want to try it out on your own?  Do you need your product shipped or do you want to take a drive and pick it up.   Please let us know.

4. Need Something Special?

For all custom orders or if your in need of assistance please fill out our inquiry form or call us directly.

  • Rounded staircase
  • Steps wider than 7 feet or less than 4 feet
Need a Custom Order?